About Me

Sweet Pea Salads is a mini kitchen garden based at Foxholes Farm, Hertford that specialises in fresh, healthy & colourful seasonal salad, herbs, and cut flowers.

It takes an organic approach, although not certified. The means produce is grown in environmentally friendly way, which doesn’t include the use of things like pesticides or herbicides.

The plot is still at a very early stage, and ½ an acre of former pasture is slowly being converted from pasture to a thriving and productive vegetable plot. Produce is sold via Foxholes Farm Shop.

And you are?
Douglas, from Stanstead Abbots – a passionate gardener and a lover of local grown food. The plot is run on a part-time basis, alongside the day job in London.

I hope to:

  • To deliver the best tasting, freshest produce within a day of harvest to local outlets (5 miles)
  • To grow healthy, happy food along organic lines, even if not officially certified
  • To care and manage the land sustainably, encourage biodiversity and use non-polluting methods
  • To share the love of growing with the community, through open days; guided tours, volunteers
  • To employ local labour, services and buy key farm inputs from local suppliers

Salad bags for home use are available to buy at Foxholes Farm Shop. If you are interested in something larger, please get in touch. At present, there is a waiting list for regular supply, but ad hoc orders may be possible.