My Salad Bags

Salads bags

What makes my salad bags worth buying?

1. Exciting tastes and huge variety of leaves in a single bag! 
There’s more to salad than lettuce – sure it’s a key part of the mix, especially during the summer, but we want our salads to make the most of the huge seasonal variety of tastes, textures and vibrant colours available. Tantalising herbs, edible flowers, and tasty plants all provide an ever changing mosaic of leaves throughout the season.

Typically summer bags will tend to be milder and sweeter, including lettuces, pea-tops, chards and herbs, before turning more spicy as the winter draws in as more of the oriental leaves are included such as mizuna, and other mustards. Each bag is unique and its contents will vary from week to week as the season progresses. Try milder salad dressings during the summer, and sweeter dressings for spicy leaves.

2. Locally grown
We want to supply locally grown salad to local outlets; local is a relative term, but we want to supply within 5 miles of Hertford, keeping our time from harvest to delivery low, and our carbon footprint lower. No air miles or high energy refrigeration long haul trucks here.

3. Delivered on the day of harvest
Salads are a perishable product and it’s important to get from farm to fork as quickly as possible for the best quality leaves. UK grown produce can take 3 days before it hits the supermarket shelf, and from the EU it can be up to 6 days. And that’s before you’ve even kept it for a day or two before serving it up. We aim to have our salad delivered on the day of harvest – after a morning delivery, you could be enjoying our salad leaves as part of a fabulous lunch.

3. No pesticides
We grow salads without the use of pesticides and look to follow organic guidelines. At this early stage we are not officially certified organic – we’re fully behind organic, but certification is expensive. Hopefully you’ll get the benefits of the methodology, without the added cost.

4. No chlorine washed produce or MAP
Pre-prepared salad is chlorine washed in concentrations up to 20x of that you would find in a swimming pool. We don’t do this. Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) is the process of filling salad bags with gases like nitrogen – this keeps the produce looking fresh while it’s transported and stored for sale. It preserves the illusion of freshness – meaning that while nutritionally it’s 3 or 6 days old (transported from the UK or the EU) – the salad looks fresher than it is. We don’t do this either – leaves delivered within a day of harvest don’t need it.